Unable to rollback (remove) first publish

After ejecting and building an app (unmanaged, not using EAS), I run the app on a device. The app runs as expected. There is no published update during the eject or build process, and the app correctly handles this case when using the updates API.

I run expo publish --release-channel release, and the app can download this update, or not if I don’t run the app at all during this time.

I would like to remove this published update, so I run expo publish:rollback --sdk-version 43.0.0 --release-channel release --platform ios.

I receive this error:
There is only 1 publication for release channel: release, sdk version: 43.0.0, platform: ios. There won't be anything for users to receive if we rollback.

Conclusion: Yes, that is what I want to do: I want the app to run without receiving an update. There is nothing destructive about running an expo app without a published update. That is in fact the common case when I build and run the app.

Can you allow a way to force this? I understand this as a warning, and most users will not go this route.