Info about build and channel

Hi, I’ve installed a specific build to device (appVersion 1.1 channel production), now I’ve made some integrations to app and then run a new build with new appVersion (1.2) but the same channel (production), if i open the app (with the old buind 1.1 installed) it willget the last files version or mantain the older version?
Thanks in advance

Hey @mgiorgi, please take a look at these docs to better understand the flow of OTA updates and builds. Advanced release channels - Expo Documentation


Hi Adam, i’ve read this page but I’m non secure of my situation… can you help me my situation?
I’ve not find the case with different appVersion and the same channel…

Can i delete specific publicationId? i’ve to go back to 3 version but not to first pubblication… i’ve to delete only last 3 pubblications, il possible?

Thank you very much. I am also looking for the same. Can some one please respond.

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