Expo isn't working on Android

I am trying to use Expo on Android device but Expo is crashed all time from last Friday. I tried to open my project in production mode and in developed mode from three different android devices but the result is the same. Instead Expo works perfectly on IOS. Has someone the same issue? I have uninstalled and installed expo version on Android but the problems persist.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hey @giadalanz, this is rather vague. Can you let me know if the crash is occurring with a newly created project or just a specific project?


thank you for your reply. This problem occurs when I try to open the project that is published and also the same project in develop mode. The expo app crashes just after tapping the project to open it. The Android devices I used are: Samsung Galaxy S10e android version 11.0, Samsung Galaxy S10 android version 10, Blackview bv9100 and Blackview 9600 mod pro, both with android version 9.
Thank you so much!