Expo Go crashing on iOS after publish

I am trying to publish my app to Expo using the expo publish command.
When I go to Expo Go and run it, everything is fine on Android, but it crashes immediately after the splash screen on iOS.

No logs, no erros in Sentry…basically no info about what caused it.
It works fine on iOS in debug mode with npx expo start.


  • Managed workflow
  • "expo": "^47.0.13"
  • "react": "18.1.0"
  • "react-native": "0.70.5"
  • "expo-cli": "^6.1.0"
  • Expo Go 2.27.1

Any idea please? I can’t share with my testers on iOS.

Hi there

We had same issue with android. Expo start works but not after publishing.

Try to check your log in details for any package compatibility and remove those which may not supported in both android and ios.

Hope it helps and sort out your issue as it had solved ours.
If still not sorted, please comment and will try to help if we can.