Expo IOS App Keeps Crashing

Expo App keeps crashing on IOS.

It was working fine until 2 nights ago then, it loads 100%, shows a blank white screen on app then app crashed and closes.

Please help as i haven’t been able to code for 2 days straight now!

Thank you

Hey @haddad,

Can you please share more details? In between two days, did you update anything or are you using permissions that might not be required correctly? What are you using to test it?

i did not update anything at all. my app does not require any permissions at all.
I’m on Iphone 13.
using vs code

not really sure how to give more details and because there is no error log in the terminal it loads 100% just fine then white screen on phone (using app) then app crashes.
I cant even find anywhere on the app to report a problem or anything.
I tried to uninstall and install expo app again and still issue persists.

Can you provide a minimal reproducible example?

Also, can you try running the in production mode to see if you get more info about the problem using the command: npx expo start --no-dev --minify?

Also have a look at the Debugging docs. e.g. try running the app in production mode locally and see if the device logs give you more ideas.

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It seems that it’s trying to load 2 index.js files. Could that be the reason why it keeps failing?