Expo go crashing after updating

After updating expo go today, it started to crash. It doesn’t even give an error, just close when reach 100%. Opens normally on web and oldest versions of expo go, so the problem isn’t in the project. I’ve been working on the project since 2 months ago

Where are you running expo go? Android / ios, real device or emulator?

Android, real device

I have the same problem

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Same with me.
I updated the sdk to v47 and now at least I’m able to debug it.

Still crashes after publishing tho.

I was able to build and run it on real android device until yesterday. Now after the yesterday shortage, if I build the apk and install it, the app crashes at launch. I was working since a while, and now I can literally test it only via Expo Go. I can’t publish it if I’m not sure it will work.

Seems like swapping from Hermes engine to JSC engine fixed the problem. But this is a temporary fix.

Version 2.26.3 of Expo Go was released earlier today and fixed a crashing issue on Android. If you’re on 2.26.2 then upgrade it and see if that fixes it for you.

Yeah, Expo Go works both with Hermes and JSC engine, but when you build the APK, Hermes engine causes a crash on launch. But it’s EAS related.

OK, but that’s a separate issue.

Same here today with version 2.26.4 in two differents Android mobiles.
In the first mobile (ZTE A2017G android version 7.1.1) Expo Go crashes before open, in the second (Pocco X3 Pro android version 11) crashes after select my app. It checks for updates and then crashes.

The app runs correctly in android emulator with expo version 2.26.3

Do you get anything useful in the Android logs (adb logcat)?

Hi @arsdinamica, @fafernan, @stesvis, @dontrok1

On second thoughts, this might not be a separate issue after all. If your apps were build on about the 4th or 5th of November then try rebuilding them.

No problem, I already discussed on Discord with a dev that day, and they recognized the issue with Hermes engine.
They disabled gradle cache globally (temporarily), in order to find the real problem. Maybe they found it in these days, I don’t know, but we can say it’s fixed. I already built 3 times since that day.

Of course you must have the last version of Expo Go.

Ref: App built after 4 Nov 2022 shortage crashing at launch

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Hi @wodin
I fixed the issue taking and updating the code of a backup of the project.
I don’t really know which was the issue. Maybe some incompatible node module??? I don’t know…
Thank you so much for the support.

Now I need to solve the Expo Go installation on my device, because since I uninstalled it after the issue, it does’nt work. I tried to reinstall it but it crashes during the start.

Although this are offtopic, could you know if there are a way to clean all the files and registry of the Expo installation? I think that something persist in my device although I uninstall it.

Thank you so much, again!

I’m interested in what you get in the logs about the crashes when you run adb logcat.

After that you could try going into Expo Go’s App Info, choosing storage and then clear cache, followed by clear data.