Expo Go v2.26.2 crashing

I updated Expo Go to v2.26.2 and it crashes every time I launch my apps.
Anyone else??

On a different phone I still have v2.25.3 and the work fine.

Hi @stesvis

Is this on Android or iOS?

Do you get any error message? Maybe in the device logs?

It’s Android. I didn’t update Expo Go on the iPhone because i don’t want to risk remaining without a way to run the app

However i updated the expo sdk to v47 and now I’m able to debug it, but when i do expo publish it keeps crashing on the device.
No error message, i just see Expo Go restarting.

I’ll try to get those logs tomorrow.

Other coworkers with an Android are experiencing the same and for them too everything worked with the previous version.

I just noticed another similar thread

For some reason i didn’t see it before i posted mine.

@wodin I can’t see any logs in the terminal when it crashes.
Also this command npx react-native log-android shows nothing.

Fixed with the latest release 2.26.3.

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