Expo dev downloading an update

Hey there expo devs.

I have an application that i published this afternoon. It was loading fine about an hour ago… but i just checked on it again and its loading an update instead of loading up thd app.

This is not the first time its happened on us and im wondering what happened… and how to prevent this from happening going forward?


can you please elaborate on what you are describing? it is a little bit vague so we can’t provide much guidance without more info

Well… ill try. I open the expo go client on my android phone.

I have the expo go android app to login automatically.

I select the organization in question and click on the project im trying to load. An hour ago it brought up the front page of our app.

Now its showing a white screen with the message checking for update on the bottom left and has been running forvthe last 30 minutes.

Im wondering if theres a way to shut off updates completely in the platform.

Is that more useful?

every time you open a project in expo go it tries to download the latest version, you can think of it like a browser. you can roll back the update to the previous version (see this if you’re using expo publish still, or this page for eas update). for the particular problem you’re seeing, this might help.

Thanks for the info. Is there a v way to ren an eas build without publishing the app to the android play store? Ie) to run the app and test it out before publishing it?

yes, do a build with internal distribution. Internal distribution - Expo Documentation