Expo dev clients and Linking.createURL

Hi, i use eas+dev_client, and its amazing )
but, i run
expo start --dev-client --scheme myapp-dev
and i want use Linking.createURL with myapp-dev scheme, but Linking return to me my app.json scheme: myapp.
mb expo have method to get scheme from terminal launch, or i need use hacks with dev variables?

Just based on the expo start --help output it seems like what you’re trying should work. Maybe it’s a bug. But I think it’s probably just a limitation of how the scheme is set in an Android or iOS app. As far as I know it’s set in AndroidManifest.xml for Android apps and Info.plist for iOS apps, so it seems that this would be fixed at build time. I haven’t looked into how the --scheme option works, though, so I might be wrong.

Not sure what you mean by this exactly?

Yes, maybe you could use app.config.js to set the "scheme" based on an environment variable.