No Bundle url present

EAS build successfully completed through eas cloud service but when I try to open the development client app on ios device , the app shows “No bundle url present. Make sure you’re running a package server or have included a .jsbundle file in your application bundle.”
xcode log file didn’t have much to debug.

any luck fixing this issue?

was this a production build? have you tried following this guide?

Any luck on finding a solution - I’m battling with the same issue. Builds on cloud or local, installs and when it runs on simulator and physical device

I’m digging into this at the moment.

What are your app setups like?

I’m trying to build and distribute an Expo app with a custom native module. Runs great locally on the iOS simulator and on my device, and the build runs fine (with a couple warnings - will investigate them soon), but as soon as I install, I get the no bundle URL message.

I’m going to ensure all of my expo libraries are upgraded and attempt to create a basic reproduction with no modified code and document each command used to get there so hopefully we can get some help on this or maybe find the root cause ourselves!

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Hi! It seems (and from the screenshot), you are setting up developmentClient to true on the platform level. I’d suggest setting it up at the profile level (in the screenshot’s case, the build profile is local) instead of just for android.

The metro server has to be triggered manually (for iOS simulator as you mentioned) when running a development build either on a device or simulator. Then, you can remove buildConfgiuration property too if you set developmentClient on the profile level. Here is the documentation for developmentClient: Build schema for eas.json - Expo Documentation which states the same intention. We also mention the next steps on how to use a development build after creating one here: Use development builds - Expo Documentation.