Expo Detach with no library folder

Hi all,
I have a project I which I used expo audio api and everything is working fine. Now I need to make audio work on background after device lock or app in foreground and this is not a feature in expo audio api till date.

My best bet is to go and detach the app from expo and work on expokit which I did. I wanted to use react-native-sound or react-native-audio-streaming for this project.
Now the problem is after detach the project I cannot see the library folder when I opened x code workspace project file. Can anyone help me pls, thanks in advance.

Hi @msheeraz. I’m not sure what you mean by

I cannot see the library folder when I opened x code workspace

Can you post a screenshot and explain what commands you ran?

Hi, thanks for the reply.


This is the project.xcworkspace file opened in xcode.

As you can see, i cannot see the library folder to which i can link the library.

Basically my app is build on expo audio library and it works like charm except the background audio. So i have decided to detach the project and use

This particular plugin requires linking to IOS project and need to link libraries inside the Library folder as guided by the plugin.

Problem is i do not see ‘Library’ folder when i open my detached project in xcode. where can i find id in a detached expo project.

Your help is extremely appreciated and helpful.

Thank you


Same issue here. Is this just something we can create? Or something that needs to be done with react-native link?

Running react-native link created the folder for me.

But it seemed to install everything under a Demo.xcodeproj directory?


Some libraries can be linked with cocoapods, and won’t show up in the library folder. To make sure these are installed, go into the /ios folder and type pod install. You may have to run both react native link and pod install a twice, as one depends on the the other, and I don’t remember which is supposed to come first. Then you may have header issues too, in which case the react-native-fix-headers package is useful.

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