React-native link doesn't work with detach

Hi everyone !

I’ve juste created a fresh new expo project, which i’ve detached to have the android and ios folders.

I’ve followed every steps in the expo documentation : pod install, build with xcode…
I’ve launched on my android device and iphone, and everything works fine.

Then, I have installed this library : with npm, and then I launch “react-native link” and it says everything is linked.

I’ve also add in the “Header Search Path” just like mentionned in the expo docs… (maybe I didn’t dit it well since the documentation about this is very poor in the expo docs).

However, when I launched the project on the device, I’ve got an error saying that I should launch “react-native link”

I’ve checked everything in Xcode (since I’m don"t know at all about xcode, I’ve just checked if everything has been done just like like say in the “manual installation” of react-native-localization :
- npm install --save react-native-localization
- In the XCode’s “Project navigator”, right click on Libraries folder under your project ➜ Add Files to <…>
- Go to node_modules ➜ react-native-localization and add the ReactNativeLocalization.xcodeproj file
- Add libReactNativeLocalization.a to Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries
- Build and run

Xcode can’t build the app too.

If someone know why react-native link doesn’t work, and have an idea, that would be great :slight_smile:

HI everyone !

I’ve managed to make it work with IOS, but it still doesn’t work for Android.

For IOS, if people want to use the same library:

add in Podfile :
pod ‘ReactNativeLocalization’,
:path => “…/node_modules/react-native-localization”

and run pod install

Ok I’ve managed to find something that make it works

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Hi, sorry for the annoyance, on the iOS side we hope to fix this issue with this upstream change (hopefully landing soon!)