Expo could not load IOS

I recently started using expo and I was following a beginner’s tutorial. I got to the part of testing it to see if it will run on the ios expo client app.
I ran ‘npm start’
and tried to open on the app but it keeps giving me the error “There was a problem loading the requested app”
I have made sure I am connected to the same wifi as my laptop but it could not load.

Hi @ahruan! Are you using CRNA? Can you click the button at the bottom of the screen and see if there is a more detailed error message?

HI @jesse,
Yes I am using CRNA. There are no error messages on the terminal. The only error message I am seeing is from the expo client app on my cell phone saying that the app could not load when I opened the link given by the program when I started using the command ‘npm start’.

I found a solution on another forum telling me that the command i should use it ‘exp start --tunnel’ rather than ‘npm start’. Could you explain to me why its that?

because you need to be able to reach your computer from your phone. some networks don’t let you do that. or maybe you’re not even on the same network. tunnel makes the react native packager server on your computer available from anywhere

I am getting a similar issue, and the above fix does not work for me. I ran expo start --tunnel but when I try to load a project on the app, it still doesn’t load.

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