Problem Loading Requested App

I created a new React Native App through the command line and tried to open the app via URL on my iPhone.

This was the error message I got: “There was a problem loading “the requested app”. It looks like you may be using a LAN URL.Make sure your device is on the same network as the server or try using a tunnel.”

Connected to the same Wifi Network and using Windows 10. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

We’ve had people report issues with Windows Firewall blocking LAN urls in the past. Also, some routers don’t support connecting over LAN. You might try:

  • Using a different network to see if that network allows it
  • Checking your firewall settings (including possible corporate firewall)
  • Switching to “tunnel” which will be slower but more likely to connect

Since moving to 27.0.0. I am also getting this problem on MacOS. When I switch to tunnel, I get the error message “There was a problem loading the requested app.”

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