Expo client app crashes every time I save my code

For months, the expo client worked fine for us. However, over the past few months, the expo client crashes everytime a developer saves his/her code. Anyone else having this problem?

this is the first i’ve heard of this happening to anyone. can you share a reproducible example?

This also happens to me, but only on the Android version of the Expo App, any change i do on the code, I save it and automatically crashes the app and i have to open it again.

Usually I just switch to tan iPhone to test since IOS Expo App works well always.

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Yeah, I believe this is primarily occuring w/ android.

I have sent many reports to Expo (along w/ other developers).

@notbrent what information would you need to look into it further? (What would be a reproducible example?)

If I am developing in VS Code, hit command+S to save the code (and therefore refresh the expo client), the app just crashes.

a reproducible example is an app we can download and run and a sequence of steps we can follow to see the problem on our own machines

l also have the same problem , l was developing the app for 3 month and starting from last week the app crashes each time when l save the code.