Expo build for ios fails after app transfer

I have an ios app that I transferred from my Apple developer account to my client’s account (of which I am a team member).
Using the client’s expo account I am trying to build the latest release of the app. using “expo fetch:ios:certs” I retrieved the .p8, .p12, .mobileprovision, and .key files along with the related passwords.
However, when running “expo build:ios --clear-credentials” and choosing to provide my own certificates, I ran into an issue where the .mobileprovision file was linked to the wrong developer account.
So I created a certificate and profile on the client’s Apple developer account and ensured that the provisioning profile had certificate attached. I then downloaded it and ran “expo build:ios --clear-credentials” again. I used the same .p8 and .p12 files that the app originally used but uploaded the new .mobileprovision file.
The build still fails with error: “validateProvisioningProfile: provisioning profile is not associated with uploaded distribution certificate”

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
My build: https://expo.io/builds/d26614fa-8dbd-413a-bf8a-c447bde0a29a

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