validateProvisioningProfile error

Build link (private):

Error: validateProvisioningProfile: provisioning profile is not associated with uploaded distribution certificate

I couldn’t find anything here that helps me

I’m a developer invited into the team and the account admin created the .p12, .p8 and .mobileprovision files and sent them to me

I initiated the build and this is what i get

Hey @capraruioan!

Seems like your device credentials aren’t in the distribution certificate Expo has stored for you. You can try expo:build ios -c, which will clear the credentials used by Expo (not the orginal credentials in your Apple Developer Account).

Let me know if that helps!

i did this with -c multiple times.

first time it was with a distribution certificate for production, then with one for development (and another .mobileprovision) that included my iphone’s UDID. both failed with the same error

the certificate wasn’t made by me. what device credentials exactly do you mean ?

This link explains it quite well-

so what I’m getting from that article is that I should double check that the received provisional certificate was created using the received distribution certificate.p12

is there any problem that the account admin generates the files and hands them over to me for usage?

There shouldn’t be any problem with that as long as you’re on the dev team that the profile was created with.

Best of luck!

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