validateProvisioningProfile Error when building IOS standalone IPA

I’m getting an error when trying to run:
expo build:ios -c --release-channel staging

The full error is:

Error: validateProvisioningProfile: provisioning profile is not associated with uploaded distribution certificate

I tried revoking all the other certificates and the provisioning profile through the portal to clear up any inconsistencies, but then the build fails because of:

[15:58:32] Error: Reason:No cert available to make provision profile against, raw:“Make sure you were able to make a certificate prior to this step”

At which point, I create a new distribution certificate, then a new provisioning profile and run the command again:

expo build:ios -c --release-channel staging

Only to see the same validateProvisioningProfile error.

I’m on the latest expo-cli 2.2.2. expo sdkVersion 28.0.0. mac osx.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Can anyone recommend a course of action, I’m blocked from updating our production app because of this. Thank you.

Hey @leofab86,

Unless I’m reading this from, you shouldn’t be using the -c flag as it’s clearing the credentials you just made. Let me know if I’m not understanding this properly.


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