can you do EAS build on your own machine for free?

Hi, I’m a little confused as I read that you can apparently do an EAS build for free if it’s on your own computer but when i read the documentation it seems like if you want to do eas build (even for internal testing) you have to have the cloud subscription. I’m just working on one app and it’s a free app so $30 a month is a lot (especially since it’s in beta right now).

I’ve read that you all are working on a free tier but I don’t know when that is going to be released and I just want to do internal testing for my app (and if I can auto push it to the stores with smaller size even better but completely understand if those cost extra even for free or small apps).

P.S. I’m on a managed project

you need to use eas-cli and have an expo account but with flag --local subscription is not required, also you can try cloud builds for month for free

Thank you @wkozyra. I’m assuming pushing for internal testing won’t work on internal builds, correct?

also is there an eta on the free tier as I would like to push new developments so everyone can download it on their phone to test things out much faster?

If not a free tier, at a least a much cheaper one

thank you

  • Internal builds will work
  • registering devices for ios should work, the subscription should not be required but I’m not 100% sure about it
  • ipa created this way can be installed on devices, but it’s a bit more complicated than just going to the link

is there an eta on the free tier

The official deadline was before the end of the year, but it should be much sooner than that


A.k.a, “today” :partying_face: