Expo sdk support

With the new service EAS, expo team change the way they are thinking about the open source. It seems like the future apis will just be compatible with EAS and not simple expo build project, it hurts

sorry can you elaborate on your comment? i’m not sure that i follow.

we are moving away from expo build towards eas build because the expo build design puts a much lower ceiling on what a developer can accomplish. eas build is currently in feature preview and will have a free plan available when we launch general availability, in the same way that expo build has a free plan and a paid plan for priority access. does that address your concerns?

Yes sir it is that. Thank you for the feedback

so your concern is just about whether it’s free or not then?

It seems like the future apis will be supported just by EAS, so to install them we need to subscribe to paid service example NFC Api. Without paid service subscription we couldn’t install that new apis

  • you can always build on your own machine, this is even easier to do with the build system used by eas build
  • there will be a free tier
  • many apis are fundamentally incompatible with expo build and so it is not possible for us to make them work there

It requires bank account to subscribe to free plan I don’t know why. After the free plan it will turn to paid service automatically? That is what it requires bank account?

OK after your explanation it is clear that to build native code for the future it imperative to have paid account

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