expo-apple-authentication - CommandError: No code signing certificates are available to use.

Hi I’m having trouble setting up the expo-apple-authentication package

As soon as I install it I can no longer build the app using npx expo run:ios
as soon as I install it I get he following error:
CommandError: No code signing certificates are available to use.
As soon as I uninstall it the app builds normally again.

Can anyone explain what config step I seem to be missing thats causing this issue to pop up? I cant find anything that explains this

Expo 48.0.18
expo-apple-authentication 6.0.1

Ensure that you have set up code signing properly for your iOS app. To build and run an iOS app on a physical device, you need a valid code signing certificate and provisioning profile. Make sure you have a development provisioning profile associated with your app’s bundle identifier and that the correct code signing identity is selected in your Xcode project settings.
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Hi @freem11

Do you have an ios directory in your app? If so, you’re on the Bare workflow and you would need to follow the instructions about Bare workflow apps. Alternatively, if you haven’t made any changes that you want to keep in the ios directory, delete it to switch back to the Managed workflow.

Also, when you installed it did it add the config plugin to app.json?