Expo app built with EAS not changing versions

Built application with EAS using command eas build --platform ios.
Downloaded ipa file and used Transporter to upload it to App Store Connect.
Found a minor bug when testing.
Changed version in app.json to 1.0.1, and also changed buildNumber under ios to 1.0.1.
Rebuild it with the same command as in step one
Downloaded the ipa file and tried to upload it with Transporter again
This time it failed because Transporter only sees it as version 1.0.

Is there anything I need to change other than the “version” param in app.json in order to effectively change the version of my build?

I assume that you are using generic workflow, if that is the case you are responsible for updating your native code. You need to follow docs for the bare workflow app.json / app.config.js - Expo Documentation

Some of the the values from app.json like version can be synced with native code by running eas build:configure.

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