expiring distribution certificate

We are wondering if OTA updates will be affected by an
expiring distribution certificate and provisioning profile, which we
are in the process of regenerating.

Basically, once we have new certificate and provisioning profile, will
we still be able to do OTA updates on the existing release?

Hey @jonsgreen,

Answering here since Github is more for issues/bugs.

You can renew certs without any changes to live apps, and after renewal you can publish updates to the apps as well. Does that answer your question?

If you’re asking if you can maintain two different versions of the same app, you’d probably need to use Expo’s release channels, but since your current app was probably built on the default channel (unless you specified a release channel with expo build:ios/android --release-channel <your-channel>) then all updates for it will be pulled from the default channel.

Let me know if any of that helps,

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