OTA updates and Current App/Play store versions

Hi All,

I just want to confirm this with someone as I’m reading different things in other posts.

If my App/Play store version is newer than what is published in expo, will OTA still be performed causing the newer version to be overwritten be the older one?

Common sense says it won’t however this post says otherwise.

We are still on sdk24.

Thanks for you help.

Hi @vlimjap, this is the first I’ve heard of this - I believe @esamelson will know the answer.

Hi @vlimjap - you cannot make an App/Play store build with a newer version of your app than what is published in Expo, as the build process will always pull down the latest published version of your app from Expo’s servers and include that with the bundle.

If you did manage to somehow make a build with a newer version than what is published on Expo’s servers, then yes, OTA would still be performed and would overwrite the version included in the bundle – unless you have disabled OTA updates in your app.json.

Does that make sense?

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