expo-update: restricting the OTA update


We are using expo-update for OTA updates. Sometimes we need to force the user to upgrade their apps using App Store or Google when we are touching native codes.

Consider we are releasing our v1 app with JS bundle id (update id) v1 and then we are release app v2, how we can restrict the OTA updates to only affect the v2 users? because v1 is not compatible with the new OTA updates.

I guess expo-update is relying on expo.modules.updates.EXPO_SDK_VERSION to whether update and use the OTA update or not.

I have the same question. Is there something built-in to Expo OTA that handles this scenario? Maybe only auto-update if major and minor versions in app.json haven’t changed?

The app will only update if the SDK version matches and the release channel matches. So if you want e.g. to publish a test version that your production users should not see, you can publish to a different release channel. When your testers are happy, you can promote the test version to another release channel (e.g. “default”).