OTA updates, iOS vs Android

When running exp build:ios to perform an OTA update to my app, I noticed that my android app on the Google Play Store was updated with the changes that I was only looking to go out to my iOS app. I’m just looking for a quick explanation to this and how I can do specific OTA updates for iOS and Android.

Hey @connorwhelan!

OTA updates are done by running expo publish as you can read about in Expo’s docs (as for your specific issue, I think reading about release channels under that link may be what you’re looking for).

Also, exp is being deprecated in favor of the expo-CLI, what version of our CLI are you using right now?

I’m using version 2.6.14

Ok. I guess I’m confused because I’m able to update my android app that is in production by running exp build:android or even exp build:ios. Is this not considered an OTA update? Because I can confirm the production app is changed after the builds are executed.

And thank you. I will look at the docs and start using expo-CLI.

Hey @connorwhelan,

When you run any expo build command it also publishes so an OTA update will occur which explains how you are seeing changes take effect. You can avoid this behavior by passing the --no-publish flag if you wish. As for only pushing OTA updates per platform, you’d have to use Release Channels in order to achieve that as publishing always creates an Android and iOS JS bundle but if you create specific channels, you can target which devices actually accept the rollout.


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