ExpiredToken when attempting to download development build on Android


We’re facing an issue when trying to download a development build on a physical Android device.

Tapping on ‘Install’ leads to an ExpiredToken error from storage.googleapis.com with the message The provided token has expired

Any idea why this occurs only on a physical Android device? iOS and downloading from the desktop work fine.

Hi @catch.hoppa

I can confirm I’m seeing the same thing.

Looks like the token expiry timestamp is about an hour after the app was built (or 50 minutes?). So I suppose the web site is just not generating a new token when you try to download the app.

It appears to be happening for all builds now, regardless of if it’s downloaded on iOS, desktop or Android

OK, I think if you were to build again and download within about 50 minutes it should work. Maybe try that as a workaround until they fix it.

Hi. It looks like on the internal build page url to the artifact is cached, so after you open it once, the next visit is using signed URL that was generated a while ago(and url is only valid for 15 minutes).
You can workaround that by clearing browser cache on expo.dev.

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