Android "build in progress" hangs -- option to cancel?

I started an Android build with “$ exp build:android” ~12 hrs ago.

Expo replied that my app.json file had an issue (a typo in a property), but started building anyways.

I fixed the typo but I’ve been unable to start another build – “Cannot start new build, as there is a build in progress”. Is there a way to cancel the current, doomed, build?


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Hi! Sorry about that! I cleared the stale build job. Can you try again?

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i also have this issue… can you help me? :slight_smile: thx

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I am having the same issue here, it got stuck since the morning and I am not longer able to queue any other Android build.
Could you please help me with that? Thanks!

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My IOS build is building more than 2 hours, how can i cancel this build and start a new one?

UPD: after waiting one day i create new account, and now Android/IOS apps is build fine.

My build also hang from yesterday night. please help me to clear the stale build job

I have a iOS build that have been “building” for ~24 hours. Can you clear it?

what is the build id?

Thanks for coming back to me @notbrent

I don’t know the ID. The build was started yesterday and the session in which it was started is no more. Can I somehow extract the ID or maybe give you some other info?

Hi, sorry about that. I’ve cleared the errored build job. Can you try again?

Same job as mentioned here iOS build have been hanging for ~30 hours - #3 by hrmoller which you’ve fixed already. Thanks🙏

Hi. I have an Android build that have been “building” for many hours. Could you help me?

hi @maxboltik , i’ve cleared our system build queue. You should be able to restart your android builds now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have a iOS build that have been “building” for ~12 hours. Can you clear it?
BuildID 688bb687-0655-4bda-9585-e8a3ff406808

I have the same issue, can you help me?

you can use build dashboard now for these issues: Introducing support for build dashboards and Apple two-factor authentication | by Brent Vatne | Exposition

Hi Expo Team,

I’ve an iOS build that is in process for several hours.
The dashboard ‘Build Logs’ screen has only a spinning Expo logo, and the ‘Cancel’ button is inactive.
Can you check if this is a hung process situation?

my build id is:


iOS builds are currently being processed at a slower pace. You can follow updates here:

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