error in keyStore when building the application

Hi, I have a problem when trying to sign an application with an existing certificate in the files, I get a message that the user “example” does not exist, but use the KeyStore Explorer tool and the same user “example” appears and everything normal, I need help.


? Path to the Keystore file. » (1)@2steevenvargas__TTInvoicinsg.bak.jks
√ Path to the Keystore file. … (1)@2steevenvargas__TTInvoicing.bak.jks
√ Keystore password … ********************************
√ Key alias … QHN0ZWV2ZW52YXJnYXMvVFRJbnZvaWNpbmc=
√ Key password … ********************************
An error occurred when validating the Android keystore: error de herramienta de claves: java.lang.Exception: El alias < QHN0ZWV2ZW52YXJnYXMvVFRJbnZvaWNpbmc=> no existe

Make sure that you provided correct credentials in ‘credentials.json’ and the path provided under ‘keystorePath’ points to a valid keystore file.

Key tool Explore image: