Failed tlo read key from store : keystore password was incorrect

I made some simple updates to an app an old employee made.
I am trying to expo build:android but am getting an “keystore password was incorrect” error and the standalone build failed.

I tried running expo fetch:android:keystore and got the .jks file as well as the alias, keystore password and key password.

I then ran expo build:android -c and chose to input my own credentials using the above information.

I am still getting the “keystore password was incorrect” error. Can someone give any insight?

Can you try running keytool -list -keystore keystore.jks and check whether keystore password works? keytool is part of JDK so it should be available in you PATH

I am getting “keystore password was incorrect”.

Did you provided those credentials originally or were they generated by expo?

I was not the original created of the app so I am not sure.
The password is similar to ones we use internally so I would imagine the original creator of the app made them? But i am not sure.

I got these credentials from fetch:android:keystore

Expo generated credentials would look more or less like this

  Keystore password: 1e5615c3913240709219aec9acf57822
  Key alias:         QHdrb3p5cmEvdIVzdDEyMw==
  Key password:      6b41a88161b14818942aba38ba3b7ebf

fetch:android:keystore returns what is on our servers and the same credentials are used during build, so passing them to build command won’t help you. It seams that those credentials were not setup correctly in the first place.
You need to ask original author of this app for correct credentials or generate new ones and ask google support team to reset those credentials in play store(it’s only possible with Google Play App Signing enabled).

I checked your old builds, not counting last two days last build was from 2017-12 and apk was not signed, so it seams that android credentials for this application were never working.

So it was on the play store up until recently (we had to add a privacy policy so we were recently pulled). How would it have been on the play store without being signed?

What do you suggest I do to be able to rebuild and get this update live?

Previous developer might have sign it on it’s own locally after build. If you don’t have contact with that person the only way is to reset credentials in Play console, but it’s only possible if Google Play App Signing was enabled for this app.

Can you point me in the direction of finding out if app signing was enabled? -> select app -> release managment -> app signing

There should be App Signing by Google Play is enabled for this app. at top of page

When I go there I get “Let Google manage and protect your app signing key”
With the following options:

Choose one of the options below to opt in now

  • Upload a key exported from Android Studio
  • Export and upload a key from a Java keystore
  • Export and upload a key (not using a Java keystore)

Which one should I go with?

Thank you so far for the help by the way.

It’s not enabled, so there is nothing you can do at this point without correct credentials. Even google support can’t reset it.

There is a chance that keystore is correct so you might try to brute force password.
If OTA updates are enabled it might be enough to publish js without .uploading to store.

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