Ejected app doesn't start on iOS through XDE

A CRNA app, then ejected and started through expo XDE won’t start on iOS, but does start on Android.

The QR code is scanned correctly, the camera disappears, but then nothing happens, the app is not started, no error appears in the XDE, the expo client app keeps working otherwise. I can still use it afterwards and scan the QR code as many times as I want, without any effect.

Publishing the app does make it work though. The app also works before being ejected.

Any tips?

Steps to reproduce:

  • CRNA
  • yarn run eject
  • open app in XDE (Tunnel, exp) - also tried all other combinations
  • click Share
  • scan QR code with iPhone
  • QR code is scanned, but app doesn’t appear


  • Mac OS 10.13
  • iPhone 7+ on iOS 11.1 Beta-2

Same for me. (Ubuntu 16.04)

For clarification, are you using the Expo client app (that you got from the App Store) to scan the QR code for an ejected project? If so, that’s not supported since the JS for an ejected project may depend on native modules that aren’t in the Expo client. When you eject (either to ExpoKit or bare React Native), you build the iOS app with Xcode – there is no QR scanner at this point anymore.