How to load an iOS app created with CRNA

Hi, I have a QR code in my terminal which CRNA has provided to me and I would like to scan this QR code with the Expo and just be on my way. One might think this is a fairly straight-forward thing… I tried navigating to the exp:// address but my phone does not recognize this protocol and just does a google search. Any guidance would be appreciated and I recommend considering a QR code scanner into the Expo app as it seems very much absent at this point. Thanks.

Hey there! Sorry about the confusion,

If you have the Expo Client on your iPhone, you should be able to open the native camera app you have and point it at the QR code. This work around is necessary because of recent constraints imposed on us. I am sorry it is not very straight forward.

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Ah, this worked. I didn’t know the native Camera app scanned QR codes. Amazing. Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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Thank you for using Expo!!

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