A couple of questions about EAS

I have been a way from Expo for a while so forgive my lack of new features knowledge.

After reading the documents that I could found about EAS:

  1. Using EAS from my windows pc I can build and submit my apps to play store and apple store without the needs for Android Studio NOR XCode!! Is this correct statement?

  2. I can import any external react native library -that was not supported before in managed builds like WebRCT- in my source code and build it with EAS! Is this Correct?
    If yes, is there any demo or working example.

  3. Does snack support EAS like importing react native modules or this is not related matter?


1- yep, correct!

2- yep, correct! What do you mean by demo? you install the native library just as you normally would, according to their instructions, and follow the EAS Build docs EAS Build - Expo Documentation

3- Snack doesn’t support external modules yet, and neither does the Expo Go app

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Thank you…

I just thought that this great feature would be accompanied by more doc’s and examples.

Another thing if you don’t mind:

So in developing and testing practice there is no need to register with credit card? Registration is only required when submitting the app to store! Is this correct?


To run builds with EAS Build, you need EAS Priority which does require a credit card or debit card on signup (but you won’t be charged until the second month)

What do you think is currently missing from the docs I linked earlier? If you can give specifics we can add them!

The link you provide was useful thank you

I don’t have any specific requirements, just thought that more examples will help; also upgrading snack to sport EAS features will be great thing too. I think also that most people will like to test EAS before they register with credit card, so upgraded snack may help in this matter.

Generally, what Expo team done so far in breaking Expo limitations really appreciated and we thank them for it.


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