EAS Update stuck on Uploading

I’ve configured my app to use EAS Update. However I’ve never been able to try it. Anytime I run for instance eas update --branch staging, the bundles are created successfully but then expo-cli gets stuck at “Uploading (15/17)”.
Bundles are about 30MB in size each (sourcemaps are 40MB) and assets are between 100 bytes and 25KB (there are 15 of them). I’m quite sure this is not a network issue on my side.

Do I have any way to investigate what’s going on? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @tug - we unfortunately don’t currently have a flag that will print extra debug logs for this issue, though I’ve created a task for myself to add some more debugging info to the CLI.

As far as figuring out what is going on: it’s definitely surprising (and concerning) that this happens every time. I didn’t see anything suspicious in the error logs on our end. If it is still occurring for you, I think the best way to debug would be to have the bundle and asset files so I can try to debug. If you’re okay with it, can you email them to me at wschurman@expo.dev. If not, I’m happy to schedule a quick zoom call so we can debug together (can email me and we’ll set one up).


A fix was just deployed for this. If the issue persists, let me know.

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