Build stuck in concurrency queue but no other builds are on going

  • Managed worflow
  • eas-cli@0.60.0

We have 2 workflows: eas build & submit, and eas update. eas update seems to work just fine.

However, build & submit does not work. We get error: You have reached the concurrency limit. Build is waiting to enter the queue.

We do not have any other build in queue. There are not error logs, the build is simply stuck and loads forever.

What to do? Thanks for the help.

what is the account that you are running the build for? can you share a link to the project page?

In the end, the build started. I believe the free tier is simply overloaded, which gives us some delay before starting the build.

that sounds right - there are several hours a day where builds for the free tier end up in relatively long queues because production/enterprise tier users are occupying available resources