EAS update fails with 'Asset upload timed out. Please try again.'

Hi :wave:

We started to see this error in our pipeline around last week. As the message suggested, retrying is enough to make it pass through most of the time but it is failing more a more often as long the time pass.

I don’t think is a network issue as other steps in the pipeline ran correctly. Neither I can’t see any entry in https://status.expo.dev/

Any thoughts?

expo-cli (5.3.2)
eas-cli (0.51.0)


✔ Built bundle!
- Uploading assets...
✖ Failed to upload assets
    Error: Asset upload timed out. Please try again.


hi there! can you update to the latest eas-cli? that should resolve the issue. related: [eas-cli] Limit concurrent asset uploads by wschurman · Pull Request #1153 · expo/eas-cli · GitHub


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