"eas submit -p ios --latest" failing with exit code 1


I’m using the managed workflow and trying to setup iOS TestFlight submission using EAS.
Version: eas-cli/0.45.1 darwin-x64 node-v14.18.1

My basic workflow right now is:

  1. Build the app: eas build --platform ios
  2. Wait for the build to complete
  3. Try to submit the app: eas submit -p ios --latest

Step 3 fails with this output:
:heavy_multiplication_x: Something went wrong when submitting your app to Apple App Store Connect.
error Command failed with exit code 1.

Going to the Submission detail page on expo.dev shows the submission failed, but I don’t see any helpful info as to why.

I’ve tried manually downloading the binary and submitting the app to TestFlight using Transporter, which works.

I’m a beginner to Expo, so don’t currently know where to start with debugging. Can anyone help? Thanks!

can you share a link to your submission page?

Hey @notbrent,

Thanks for the reply! Here’s the page:

hi there. that’s odd - is there any chance your credentials are incorrect? are you using an ASC API Key or app specific password?

Hey @notbrent

I’m using an ASC API key that I allowed Expo to create for me and that’s the only ASC key we use right now. I do want to point out that there are 2 ASC accounts in play. We have an owner account and I have my personal account. When I created the key, I used our owner account ASC account during eas submit -p ios --latest. However, the submission still failed. During the normal course, I want to use my personal account, but that also fails currently.

Do you know of any way to view the actual error output from Apple? I think that would be a huge help.

i’ll follow up internally to see if we can find any other logs related to the submission

In general, if you don’t see any logs issue is on our side, I see that all the submits are from 8 days ago when EAS submit had a partial outage(https://status.expo.dev/). Can you try running that again?

@notbrent @wkozyra thanks all, eas submit is working now! Appreciate the help