EAS SUBMIT ERROR: ✖ Failed to schedule submission CombinedError: [GraphQL] Unexpected server error

-eas-cli version : 0.21.0
-expo SDK 41
-(Expo error ID: cfb4ccfdc8caab9db6042d678f51bc4c).

I am getting the following error using the eas-submit command in vscode terminal that i got from expo after using expo:build ios. I was able to log into my account through the terminal and provide my app specific password without any errors. I’ve checked my credentials and they all are up to date. I looked at the change logs for eas and there haven’t been any breaking changes since I last uploaded a build (2-3 weeks ago) afaik. I have uploaded multiple builds in the past with no problem and haven’t changed anything in the app.json other than the build number and haven’t changed anything in eas.json. There was a similar post but it had to do with incorrectly adding the sdk version in the app.json ,which I leave out. (according to that post it is automatically fetched from build files). Is there a reason this error occurs? I couldn’t find anything helpful so far.

Hey @jcampeau, are you still encountering this error? I’m curious to know if this was a transient issue or not. Checked our status page and we’ve had normal uptime as far as I can see.

hello, I am still encountering this error. I tried today and yesterday.

can you link us to your last successful build?

eas-cli 0.26.0 and lower were deprecated. If you build using eas you would get a better error message, but for submit endpoints we don’t have any info about cli version you are using

this was the last successful build and is on test flight.

when using eas build for iOS i get the following error:

I am actually using eas 0.21.0

eas-cli 0.26.0 and lower were deprecated

0.21.0 is a lower version than 0.26.0

yes but does that affect setting up my credentials? I also built with the same set up a few weeks ago. On expo my distribution and provisioning credentials don’t expire until june 17th. Also my apple developer program membership doesn’t expire until may 23rd (and will be renewed)

yes but does that affect setting up my credentials?

I don’t know, but I don’t intend to help debug an almost a year old and deprecated version of cli. Updating to latest version is always the first step in troubleshooting.

I also built with the same set up a few weeks ago.

I don’t see any builds with eas-cli on your account, all of them were build using expo-cli

was able to find error with more detailed error logging after updating and resolved my issue.

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