EAS Submit to App Store failing with signal: SIGINT

After a successful EAS build, the submit is failing (which I’ve never had a problem with previously) and is throwing this error after about 15 minutes of spinning:

Starting iOS app upload
Downloading archive
Preparing artifact
Creating ascApiJsonKey.json file with ASC credentials
Uploading iOS app to TestFlight...
Uploading the app with fastlane pilot
Fastlane pilot failedFastlane pilot failed
fastlane exited with signal: SIGINT
Failed to submit the appPlease see logs

EAS doesn’t seem to provide any additional details regarding this error that I can find. Any help would be appreciated.

can you share a link to the submissions page?

edit: found it. we’ll investigate, but until someone has a chance to do so can you verify that your ASC credentials are correct?

I can verify credentials are correct. Submitted with them yesterday just fine but it’s hanging today for some reason. Thanks!

Update: not sure if anything changed on your end, but I tried again this morning and the submission went through just fine.