EAS: Failed to setup credentials

Trying to keep my build working, since updating to the latest eas-cli I’ve had issues trying to get this running.

› Log in to your Apple Developer account to continue
✔ Apple ID: … **************
› Restoring session **************
› Team ************** (**************)
› Provider ************** (**************)
✔ Logged in Local session
✔ Bundle identifier registered com.**************.**************
✔ Synced capabilities: No updates
✔ Synced capability identifiers: No updates
✔ Fetched Apple distribution certificates
✔ Generate a new Apple Provisioning Profile? … yes
✖ Failed to create Apple provisioning profile
Failed to setup credentials.
    Error: Received an internal server error from App Store Connect /
    Developer Portal, please try again later

hi there! can you run EXPO_APP_STORE_DEBUG=1 eas build and share the output?

I got the same issue too

Where to run this command?

Oh got it and it works fine
EXPO_APP_STORE_DEBUG=true eas build -p ios

as a workaround, you can run expo build:ios --skip-credentials-check or eas build -p ios --non-interactive to skip interaction with apple if you have already built your app before and have credentials on expo servers

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