Error (login credentials) when creating ios build with expo

for a few days I try to build an ios build, with expo, but I always get the error, Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed! at first I had an older version of expo, and I received an error about my login credentials which were wrong, except that they were the correct credentials, then I updated expo and since I ’ get the above error, After several searches on the internet I did not really find a solution, so I come to you if you can help me please :slight_smile:

Hey @nartco, sorry you’re experiencing some difficulties getting things up and running. Got a few questions for you!

  • Can you let me know the relevant version numbers and environment you’re running?
  • Are you using EAS build or the classic build system (expo build)?

Also, for future reference, the AppleAuthentication tag you used corresponds to the module that enables you to allow users to authenticate via apple in your app (not the authentication at play here regarding your Apple Developer account)


hello @adamjnav,
I’m on mac os Big on 11.3.1 (20E241) with expo v5.1.2 and I tried with both (EAS and CLASSIC)
and ok for the future reference thx u