EAS Dev Client Build QR/Link Download Stuck On Waiting...

  • Managed Workflow
  • Expo 48.0.18 & Expo 49.0.14
  • iOS 17.0.3
  • Mac OS Sonoma
  • eas-cli 2.9.0

As of yesterday my iPhones cannot download a completed expo dev client internal distribution build. The build finishes and generates a QR code / link with no errors. Regardless of whether I use the link or QR the app icon shows up on the iphone with “Waiting…” under it. I am on the same local wifi network as my mac with both iphones that I am attempting a download on.

I have tried deleting an regenerating provisioning profiles to no avail. I have tried all options of adding/removing/re-adding UUIDs. I just completed a build and was able to download with no issues a couple days ago. I have tried with Expo 48 and 49 on 2 different phones and get the same result. UUIDs seems to show up correctly in provisioning profile when building.