When I click to download my iOS build I just get Not Found for both new builds and old builds that I used to be able to download

This issue just started, I was able to build and download builds today without issue, but all the sudden when I try to download my builds I just get an white page that says not found. This is happening both for new builds and existing builds that I had downloaded earlier. The url in the address bar for the not found page is : https://api.expo.dev/--/artifacts/eas/REDACTED (the REDACTED is a long string of random characters, looks like the build id I’m guessing). I tried removing the – thinking maybe the url just go screwed up somehow, but that didn’t fix it. I also tried refreshing the build page to make sure I was still logged in, and I still was. Not sure why it suddenly stopped working.

I checked the actual request and it’s getting a 404 as the response.

I have the same for android… Major impact on my project

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can you please link me to a build page where you are experiencing this?

edit: @ide will deploy a fix for this shortly. please change the host from api.expo.dev to expo.host

Hi – we’ve deployed a change that should go back to the previously working URL format. Give it a try and let us know if you still see issues.

Works for me now, thanks.

Thanks for confirming, sorry about that!

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