EAS Build's runtimeVersion vs. ios.buildNumber & android.versionCode

I’m finally taking the leap from classsic builds to EAS Build (with SDK 44), and I haven’t found any info about how or if the classic internal build version strings (ios.buildNumber / android.versionCode) should be updated when using EAS Build, or are they are irrelevant when building with EAS? Everything I’ve read about these versionings do not at all mention the other, so I’m confused as to how they should be used together, if at all.

From what I understand that the new runtimeVersion field denotes the binary’s version, which is also what ios.buildNumber and android.versionCode did (or still do?). So my questions are the following:

  1. Do i still need to include ios.buildNumber and android.versionCode in app.json if i’m using EAS Build?
  2. If so, should they also always be changed when runtimeVersion is changed?
  3. Or if i’m totally off, how should these version fields be used together?

Thank you very much!