Unable to build ios App - ValidationError: "appBuildVersion" must be a string

I am getting error in build my managed workflow iOS App after uploading my app to eas:

Compressing project files and uploading to EAS Build. Learn more: https://expo.fyi/eas-build-archive
✔ Uploaded to EAS 9s
    ValidationError: "appBuildVersion" must be a string

Build command: eas build --no-wait -p ios
Android App building has no problem.

eas version: 0.55.1

I have tried to use number or string in ios.buildNumber but it does not help.


export default ({ config }: any): ExpoConfig => ({
  name: "Example App",
  slug: "example-app",
  ios: {
    buildNumber: 2,
    bundleIdentifier: "com.example.app",
    supportsTablet: true,
  android: {
    package: "com.example.app",
    adaptiveIcon: {
      foregroundImage: "./assets/images/adaptive-icon.png",
      backgroundColor: "#ffffff",
    versionCode: "2",
  extra: {
    appBuildVersion: "1.0.0",

buildNumber needs to be string and versionCode needs to be a number