EAS Build timeout when detox test case failed

Hello, My expo eas cli android build getting timeout and failed when my detox test cases are failed.
Please help resolve the issue.
Here are the issue screenshots

Note: Build is getting successful in the case of all test cases are passed, the issue is happening with failed test cases only.

Hi expo team, could you he me to resolve this issue asap. its key for our build process.

I’m running into the same issues for both Android and iOS detox tests. Perhaps it has something to do with the combination of detox error handling and the suggested bash flags (set -eox pipefail)? I’m not experienced enough with bash and CI to know how to proceed though.

I found the cause of the issue: the emulator service needs to be properly killed to proceed to the next step in the process. To do so I use the following:

# Run tests
detox test --configuration android.release --headless || (adb emu kill && exit 1)

# Kill emulator
adb emu kill &

There might be a better solution, but this one seems to solve my issues. I hope sharing it can help others out.