EAS android build: fails as timed out

Hi Support,

Good morning!

This is regarding our recent builds we tried using the eas-cli which is failing since this week, however it works for iOS, but for android it seems to fail always with a message saying

“Timed out, it is taking longer that expected to finish the build!”

However the expo build for android still works fine even now.

The above said eas-cli build for android was working fine until last week, with no issues, can you kindly look into this on priority, as we have a critical release waiting to be made.


it looks like your build is taking too long. on the free tier there are 45 minute build timeouts. Expo Application Services (EAS) Pricing. if your build exceeds that, it is killed. share a link to your build page and we can give you a hint.

Hey! Thanks for responding…
We are in a paid priority plan already, and our last billing suggests we are good until Aug 15th.

The build link is below


got it! in that case it looks like things are still working as expected and your builds are somehow exceeding the production plan limit of 2 hours. it looks like the build is frozen during the prebuild phase. one thing to check out here is that it seems the expo doctor output is indicating that your library versions are mismatched, this could cause problems:

try running expo upgrade 44 to re-upgrade to sdk 44 and fix the dependencies. then run expo doctor locally to see the output