EAS Build times out on Android


Since today, our EAS builds time out on Android (45 minutes on the free plan). We’re using SDK44 and it was building fine just one week ago (~20-25minute builds).

I tried building locally by installing Android Studio and it is working fine as well without taking a long time. (Hardware: Macbook Pro 2019).

Could this be related to the changes made to fix the outage of JCenter Bintray? (Expo Status - Partial EAS Build Outage)

I’m happy to send build links in private message to an Expo member if necessary :slight_smile:

looking into it. we’ll roll back our mitigation now that jcenter is up and let you know when that is complete

the mitigation has been reverted, please retry your build.


Just retried a build and I can confirm it indeed worked on a store build, thank you!

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