Eas build taking much longer than usual

Since updating to expo 49 a few things have changed when I try to create a IOS build:

  1. Compressing files step takes longer.

Compressed project files 12m 40s (1.7 GB)

  1. I get the following notice even though I never got it before:

Your project archive is 1.7 GB. You can reduce its size and the time it takes to upload by excluding files that are unnecessary for the build process in .easignore file.

  1. The ios build now fails with the following notice:

The “Run fastlane” (Build Details — 4ea354bf-3137-4051-aed1-c0acb70a60df — testing — Expo) step failed with an unknown error. Refer to the “Xcode logs” (Build Details — 4ea354bf-3137-4051-aed1-c0acb70a60df — testing — Expo) phase for additional, more detailed logs.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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