iOS and Android build size with EAS

It’s not a fatal error but just a question.

Previously, When I do “eas build”, just uploaded 1-2MB to EAS server.
Now, I have to upload 60MB every time.

Only updated files were uploaded at the time, maybe??
So, Why does it happen?
How Can I decrease the file size to upload?

Hopefullly, it is better to decrease the size.


hi there! the size is determined by what is in your git repo, so perhaps what happened is you added some large files to your project.

this is the code where we create the archive to upload eas-cli/repository.ts at db0b6bfcf5ad330e1c8b19072d3377d272360af1 · expo/eas-cli · GitHub

you can run this in your project to see the same behavior:

git clone --no-hardlinks --depth 1 . ~/path/to/clone/to

then go to wherever you clone to and see what files are there

Ah I think the aab file was put in the folder before.
That’s it!
What a fool😂

Let me check it out later!